Thank You Catherine!

The title of this blog comes from my dear friend Catherine who one day randomly gave me a quick 5 minute lesson on how to crochet. From there I went home and before I bought a real needle I used paper clips to attempt crocheting! From that single 5 minute lesson came all the things you will see on this blog that I am incredibly proud of making, so Thank You Catherine!

Ask Me Anything!  

This is one of my favorite ways to wear this hat! It’s so big it kind of folds down on itself anyway so I sort of fold it down on purpose and from certain angles you can’t even tell it’s a fish lol
Reminds me of a Digimon or something, though that second pic faintly looks like an Espeon to me! :)

It is really hard to wear this hat and not look goofy, so I kinda just embraced it! Still love it, I worked way to hard on this not to love it!


It’s not very Magikarp looking, but I learned a whole lot and really think I can make a great Magikarp hat for my friend now once I can afford the right colors! In the mean time, I have a really freaking awesome fish hat! I love this thing, I am so proud of how I got everything to be shaped and look all together! I’ll post some pics of it actually on me later!

Modeling my WIP cuz I am a dork (and I’m kinda starting to love this hat a lot)

Progress on my practice Magikarp hat! Definitely fish-like now! I don’t know how the tail fin ended up like that cuz I was just following a pattern for a simple half-circle, but I’m not arguing! i like this shape way better lol

So this latest WIP will hopefully be a fish hat soon! One of my friends has been asking for a Magikarp hat from me ever since he found out I crochet, I think I’m finally good enough to attempt one, but I’m using the yarn I have on hand to practice first lol 
So far it looks like a strawberry or watermelon hat more than a Magikarp lol

Been feeling withdrawal since finishing that blanket, it took so much yarn and work, now I don’t know what to crochet without it lol
I decided to finish up this project I had laying around for a while for a rice filled microwavable heat pack! I had been putting it off because the pattern says to use an old nylon sock, which I don’t have, but I saw other people in the comments say they used an old cotton sock and it worked just fine! So I did just that, filled it with rice, stuffed it in here, and used the same triangle border I used on the blanket I completed instead of the border the pattern called for. I tested it out and it works amazing! 

And it is DONE!!! This queen sized blanket took me about 3 weeks to complete and here it is in it’s massive folded up glory!!! Complete with a very chic triangle border =D

Perhaps I will take pics of it on my bed again, but I’m not feeling it now lol the important part is it is all ready to be with my boyfriend once we’re back on campus and he’ll have a nice blanket for his new apartment! 

So I was looking for an old project I could frog in an attempt to harvest some black yarn to complete the last bit of this blanket border and came across this blast from the past! Omg this was one of the first full complete projects I ever made! This was right at the beginning of college when I started taking crocheting more seriously, I remember completing it in my dorm and my roommate being impressed, ahh good times! I’m going to be a senior now come the fall, it feels like so long ago! I like to think I’ve improved greatly since this pair of gloves, but it’s always good to see where you’ve come from, it’s awesome seeing how much I’ve grown! =D

(side note, I did NOT frog these, I found a different thing to from and use to finish the blanket!)

Random shot of the edging on the red/orange/yellow side of the blanket!

Random shot of the edging on the red/orange/yellow side of the blanket!

I felt it fitting that since the blanket pattern I used was a mooglyblog pattern, I should choose another mooglyblog pattern for the border! My boyfriend suggested this one because the triangles would go well with the chevron, I think he was right! 

My boyfriend wanted close ups of the border so I figured I might as well post them here too :)

I think I am going to make the border thicker, just to frame the blanket better!

Pardon the mess, I have an awful habit of letting my room get messy
But the blanket is done!!!… Maybe
I’m gonna see if my boyfriend wants a thicker border of some sort around it, but at the very least this is the approximate size of this monster!!!
This is it on my tiny twin sized bed, my mini-pillow pet Otis is there for scale/modeling. It hangs more on the other side, but there wasn’t enough room for a good picture there. I’m so proud of it!!! 

Here’s the pattern again! By one of my favorite blogs, mooglyblog!

elphhatz said: Hey! I saw that you identify as 'demisexual' and I realized that I have absolutely no idea what that means. I also realize I could just ask Google, but i'll take any excuse to make a connection with a fellow crochet friend by asking you instead :)

Ooh omg it’s really awesome of you to ask! =D

So I’m still learning about gender and sexuality identities myself, but demisexual falls under the umbrella that is asexuality. Asexual means a person does not feel sexual attraction towards any person regardless of gender or anything, they can still very much feel romantic and aesthetic attraction towards others and have very successful fulfilling relationships, but simply do not feel sexual attraction! 
(here’s a little comic that nicely explains it as well I reblogged on my other blog

So demisexual like I said falls into a similar category of asexual, me and other demisexuals do not feel sexual attraction towards anybody UNLESS there is a deep emotional bond established. Just like with asexuals we can still very much feel romantic and aesthetic attraction and build up wonderful relationships, but unlike asexuals, it is possible for demisexuals to feel sexual attraction to others when there is a very close bond established! 

I notice this most in myself when my friends talk about celebrities or look at pictures of attractive people and talk about how they’d love to get in bed with them lol that’s just never clicked with me, famous or not, attractive or not, I’ve never like wanted anything sexual with a person no matter how attractive they are if I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me really really really well, if a really hot celeb offered to have sex with me I really wouldn’t want it.

Also just want to mention that close bond with a demisexual does not automatically mean they want to have any sexual kind of relationship with you! Just cuz you’re close to a demisexual person does not mean they WANT to have sex with you! This is where communication is key, in any relationship involving any and all sexualities!

So yeah, a short (but not actually very short, I’m so sorry if this is super wordy) little snippet into what demisexual is! Thanks again for asking! I enjoyed talking about it! =D

When I started on the purple sections of the blanket I’m working on, I pulled from the center of the skein and got this awesome shot after a while!

When I started on the purple sections of the blanket I’m working on, I pulled from the center of the skein and got this awesome shot after a while!