Thank You Catherine!

The title of this blog comes from my dear friend Catherine who one day randomly gave me a quick 5 minute lesson on how to crochet. From there I went home and before I bought a real needle I used paper clips to attempt crocheting! From that single 5 minute lesson came all the things you will see on this blog that I am incredibly proud of making, so Thank You Catherine!

Ask Me Anything!  

I picked up a short term third job earlier this year teaching diversity and inclusivity workshops on my campus. It was a great job, I liked it a lot, and it adds to my repertoire of jobs I have that work with people while I continuously claim to hate people lol
Anyway, that is relevant to this post cuz that was where I heard about the join as you go method to granny squares that’s perfect for making blankets! Cuz if there is anything I hate it’s sewing… So this takes that all away, it’s amazing! Here’s my first join, I think it turned out ok considering these are my first two granny squares EVER! 

School has been ridiculous, sorry for the lack of updates >.<
I have been working on something though, something I’ve never thought I’d ever make. A blanket! It’s a whole new experience, I’ve never made a blanket, never thought I’d have the patience for one, and I’ve never made a granny square before (Gasp! Yeah I know it’s supposed to be one of your first patterns ever, but I am almost entirely self taught and granny square was just never anything I did lol). So yeah, lost my granny square viginity lol here’s the little guy in progress! First of many, we’ll see if I follow through on this blanket…

Finished the sweater! It fits Felix a little funny, but I think that might be cuz he’s a stuffed animal and not exactly people proportioned. I think it still looks cute! And now he’s got a shirt to show some school spirit! =D

I decided to try out this simple design I’ve seen for sweaters that’s just two simple T shapes sewn together. I didn’t want to commit to a whole sweater for a full sized human so I decided to practice on my newest comfort stuffie Felix! Made it in Illini orange and blue for some school spirit lol

Here’s the line-in cable I crochet wrapped in actual use! With my favorite little baby speaker! It matches! :)

Finished crochet wrapping the line-in cable! They feel cool lol

Working on a quick little project! Just crochet wrapping the line-in cable for this speaker I use for my laptop! No real reason, just saw it was quick and easy and thought why not! Faintly used this pattern!

Spring Break is hereeee for me!!! I went on a crochet binge and finished this in one night! I missed crocheting, definitely the best destresser for me, and as midterms pick up I need to destress… I plan on giving this to my little cousin, just to play with! :)

Used this pattern!

Here’s the finished tshirt yarn! The top ball is from just the pillow case alone, the bottom ball is with the addition of the tshirt! This yielded so much yarn, I know what I’m gonna do with old pillow cases now!

So there’s a free stuff/abandoned stuff pile in one of the laundry rooms in my residence hall. The other night I found a decent pillow case and an old, but soft shirt of similar color in pretty good condition… good condition to turn into yarn!!! And so, I did! It was a long process, my hands hurt, but it was well worth it, check out how much yarn I’m making! This is just the pillow case, the top pic shows how much I’ve got so far and the bottom shows how much I still have left to pull! Finished ball of tshirt yarn pic to come soon! =D

Here’s the finished project finally! Some moccasin style slippers! I think they turned out magnificently, they’re a bit slippery on my tile floor, but in the carpeted hallways and within the confines of my residence hall I think they are perfect =D

Got one slipper done! Despite my increasingly busy days (so sorry for the inactivity!) Next one is in progress :)

Funny story about this, this is a slipper I’m working on. I followed this pattern which I found on Ravelry after searching Men’s Slippers. They have multiple sizes and I choose the large size, cuz my boo has large feet, and I assumed these were men’s sizes cuz I found this pattern searching for Men’s Slippers… as you can see I was very very wrong. I don’t even get how this is a large, it hardly fits me and I’m like a size 5 (US). But hey, I can use them, they’ll be my slippers for when I go to my boyfriend’s place lol

Finished the hat for my friend’s sister! My friend adores it, I just hope her sister does too lol
Here’s the pattern again!

Working on a quick but cute little hat for an old friend of mines little sister! It’s funny, she told me “make the hat adult sized, she’s got a big head” lol
I used this pattern, and I’m gonna add a red rose cuz her little sister likes flowers!