Thank You Catherine!

The title of this blog comes from my dear friend Catherine who one day randomly gave me a quick 5 minute lesson on how to crochet. From there I went home and before I bought a real needle I used paper clips to attempt crocheting! From that single 5 minute lesson came all the things you will see on this blog that I am incredibly proud of making, so Thank You Catherine!

Ask Me Anything!  

And this is when I learned knitting is a heartless game, I dropped a stitch and I have zero idea how to fix this, in crochet if you skip a stitch you just frog it and go backwards til you’re at your mistake… I don’t know what to do here? But alas, I’ll just keep going lol


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    Look it up online. It is easier to fix crochet, but you can in knitting too. Just google “how to fix dropped stitches in...
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    This is why crocheting is far better than knitting, but I will keep practising knitting too, can’t let it beat us!
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    ???? it looks like you accidentally turned your work too early
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